Preliminary Reviews Look Strong For The Hunger Games Movie

by Katniss Everdeen on March 17, 2012

I was looking around for some early reviews of The Hunger Games and I found a great review that goes into depth about why “it can be universally agreed upon that “The Hunger Games” not only is a good movie, but that it succeeds as a fully fleshed out adaptation where most before it have failed.”

Isn’t that awesome. It should be true too, the books were all so focused on Katniss that if you step back and delve into the story from other perspectives you have dozens of compelling stories going on all at once.

The review starts to reveal that this is where the movie is going. I sure hope so, it would mean they could do so much more with the books and expand on the world of Panem, even making it into a quasi reality tv show for us here in present day. Wouldn’t that be cool.

…“The Hunger Games” isn’t constrained by the book’s story. Collins’ novels offer hints that a larger saga is taking place, and the film shows us that. And its strength lies in that component of the movie.

The argument can be made that “The Hunger Games” was always going to be best served as a movie. The action-packed and dramatic story was constantly constricted by Katniss’s first-person perspective while it was always obvious that the tale being told was much bigger than just her. Without that restraint, the film was able to set the stage for the future “Hunger Games” films while also allowing the world of Panem to be fully developed.


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