More Positive Reviews for The Hunger Games

by Katniss Everdeen on March 20, 2012

Katniss PosterAs we described in our earlier post, the reviews for The Hunger Games keep coming on strong. It’s really exciting to me to see how positive the critics are to the movie, particularly after the horrible reviews of the last Twilight movie(which it deserved IMO).

For an overview the reviews we took a look at Rotten Tomatoes which shows the most complete view of the reviews so far. The positive reviews are 53 in number and the not so positive are only 4 in number. That’s pretty incredible when so many reviews are positive like that. Not only that, but 98% of the audience wants to see the movie.

“The Hunger Games is an effective entertainment, and Jennifer Lawrence is strong and convincing in the central role.” says Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Fans will be delighted. Non-fans should give this movie a chance.” raves James Berardinelli of Reelviews.

“Overall, a solid and sometimes spectacular effort that promises even better things to come.” says Leigh Paatsch from Australia.

This is great news for us fans. I just can’t wait to be one of the first to be able to see the movie. And I bet Lionsgate can’t wait for the huge dollars to roll in. This movie is going to be a huge, huge megabucks film if this early news holds.

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