Catching Fire Audio Book

Catching Fire Audiobook

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Game series. It picks off where The Hunger Games left off. Katniss and Peeta have survived the horror of the Games and know must go on the celebrity tour to show off the victors. Meanwhile, Katniss must navigate the tensions between Gail and Peeta and their contested love for Katniss.


In what is sure to be a shocker, Catching Fire sees our heros once again put to the test. It is unimaginable, but it happens again. Katniss and Peeta are again sent to do battle in a special type of the Games. Their lives are again at risk as are a number of new characters that we come to know and love.

The horrors of the Capital are not yet revealed, but we begin to see the unraveling of their complete control.

The Catching Fire audio book is once again narrated by Carolyn McCormick, who does a spectacular job telling us the story.

One other suggestion, makes sure you have access to Mockingjay as you will not want to miss anything once you come to the end of Catching Fire.

You can download the Catching Fire Audiobook for only $7.49.

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