Hunger Games Audio Book Download

The Hunger Games Audiobook

The Hunger Games is the first book in the Hunger Game series. We meet Katniss and her family, and learn of terrible future where live has been turned upside down. Katniss is survivor and has learned to feed her family by breaking the law and hunting out beyond the fences that hold in the population.

She is joined by a loyal companion and best friend Gale in her work to fend for themselves and feed the families.

But this is a wicked world where the far off capital is sadistic and runs a survival contest called The Hunger Games, where the contestants must battle to the death in a surreal reality show in this disturbed land.

Due to bizarre circumstance, Katniss volunteers for the game and joined by Peeta, the boy selected to be sent to games. Katniss and Peeta do battle with the other contestants and we can only watch with horror at the death that ensues.

In the process, we come to love Katniss and Peeta for their bravery and commitment.

It is one of the most popular action and love stories of our time. Don’t miss The Hunger Games.

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