Mockingjay Audio Book

The Hunger Games Audiobook

Mockingjay is the third book in the Hunger Game series. It picks up right at the end of Catching Fire, as if they were meant to be one longer book.

Katniss is taken by a new set of players who want to use her for their own purposes to rally the populations of the districts to rebel against the Capital. Meanwhile, Peeta has been taken by the Capital forces and is being tortured and brainwashed to see Katniss as the enemy. They are essentially reprogramming his memories so he goes from loving Katniss to hating her and wanting to kill her.

Katniss and Gail reconnect, but their relationship is just about shattered by all that has happened.

The districts and the Capital end up engaging in all out war. Will Katniss survive? Will Peeta kill Katniss? Will Gail ever find his place with Katniss again?

Mockingjay is the conclusion of one of the most popular action and love stories of our time. Don’t miss Mockingjay.

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